Pre Berlin

My taper has officially started! So why don’t i feel like I need to taper?

I have told anyone who will listen – so I’ll tell you too. I’m not doing another autumn marathon* as I officially don’t like training in the summer. Running in the heat or missing out on social events to get a run in isn’t fun. Cold winters nights when everyone hibernates is a much more practical time to devote 3/4 days a week to running.

I have just read my last blog about training pre Brighton. It’s weird – I’ve done totally the opposite for Berlin to what I did for Brighton. This time I feel I have neglected the training runs. Skipped them or put in less effort in, (steady miles rather than tempo or fartleck). But I feel I’ve nailed the long runs with 3 x 20 miles in the last 4 weeks all getting quicker with my last effort at 2h44!

I haven’t hit my top mileage and I don’t feel as fast as I did back in March/April. I know I could have done more in training. Yet I have a feeling of quiet self-assurance for Berlin. Possibly a combination of this being my 3rd marathon, I know what to expect from the distance and the fact I feel stronger over the longer distances. More stamina. Is this enough to match/beat Brighton and get that sub 3h30?

I keep telling myself that as long as I complete it I’ll be happy. But deep down – I know I’m out to get that PB! My action plan? Listen to the experts – I may not feel like I ‘deserve’ a taper but I need to make sure I’m in the best shape, so I’m going to do one. My 3 weeks leading up to the Berlin Marathon will all be quality runs. Speed or tempo work – it’ll be a taper, but maximising my training opportunities! I want to practice my marathon pace where possible…

If I can just get myself to hold 7m55 per mile on the day!

*don’t hold me to this.

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3 Responses to Pre Berlin

  1. Hey James – great blog post! You sound in great shape, let your quiet assurance and your experience drive you on the day. either side o 3:30, I hope you have a fantastic run. Cheers Sean

  2. BTW, this matrix suggests an 8 min mile will yield a 3:29:39. there you go, you can afford to back off a bit!

    • jamesthekat says:

      Thanks Sean, Great link! And with my 15mile run at a 7m43s pace yesterday I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can do on the day! Hope your training is going to plan too…

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